You know your business, we know dessert!

Let your chefs thank you, your accountant praise you and your customers rave about you.

"Guess what?" Your chef hates making desserts, your accountant sees the additional time spent on this as not cost effective and your customers think you treated it as an after thought. 

Our Cheesecakes cannot be replicated in a restaurant kitchen. It's too costly for you to do what we do! We've done the math, trust us!

Our fair pricing policy is designed to ensure everyone gets value and feels valued. Starting at £1.38 per cover we guarantee an unrivalled dessert at an unbeatable price. We achieve this because we don't need to wear many hats like your chefs. We specialise in exceptional New York Style Baked Cheesecake and we do it very well.

Why not free up valuable kitchen time and allow your chefs to focus on what they do best, cook! 

Not only that you'll never have to waste again! Our cakes arrive frozen but are prepared fresh to order. We deliver frozen as it's a natural, non invasive way of increasing shelf life without compromising on flavour or quality. 

What's more is we believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our customers and in order to nurture this we offer exclusive benefits. For example, every quarter year you get that order completely free (total cheesecakes provided is based on quarterly average purchased).